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On Line Giving Explained

We understand that on-line giving is new to many.  We wanted to provide some more information about this process and hopefully answer some commonly asked questions about the process.

1.  Is it safe?

Yes, LBC has partnered with to be able to offer this option. is reputable and is used by thousands of churches across the country.  Additionally, most internet browsers will show a lock symbol similar to the image below indicating that the connection is secure (every browser is a little different may display the "secure" icon differently).

Website Secure.png

2.  Why do I see a fee or a "cover fees" option?

Any time a business or entity accepts electronic payments using a bank/credit card or a bank ACH (direct transaction from one bank account to another) there is a fee for this service.  While this is not ideal it is the reality with electronic transactions for any entity, not just churches.  If you select to use the "cover fees" option, your donation amount will be automatically increased to cover the fees for the transaction. Otherwise you can choose to not use the option and a small amount of your donation will go towards covering the fee.  ACH transactions have lower fees than bank/credit cards.

3.  Should I create an account or just give as a guest?

Creating an account makes it easier for you to give again in the future; however, it is not required.  By creating an account you have several additional options.   

A.  You can opt to save your bank/credit card info or bank account information.  This will allow you to give again in the future without having to re-enter all of your information.

B.  You will be able to see your giving history right on the screen every time you give.

C.  You can opt to use the 'recurring' option to have donation made automatically for you based on the frequency you select.

4.  Will on-line donation be recorded for tax statement purposes?

Yes, they will be recorded just the same way as a donation given in person at church.

5.  Are there other ways to give on-line without using

Contact you bank or login to your bank account on-line and see what services they offer.  Many banks offer a way through "bill pay" to have a donation/payment sent to the church free of charge.

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